We are Spud Publishing Inc.

A group of friends following our passions, to make your passions come true! Our roots are small potatoes, yet ever growing as we work to support and produce the books we want to see on shelves, and in hand.

It all started with Debut…
Debut has been a project of passion and learning, and will be our first publication coming soon in early 2024!
Debut features five stories from new authors, and ten accompanying illustrations. It will be the first in what we hope will be a continuing opportunity with Spud Publishing Inc. to continue promoting and launching the work of new authors and artists. In its conception, Debut was only ever meant to be a small one time project, to prove we could! And thanks to Debut, we asked ourselves: why stop there?
And so Spud Publishing Inc. was born.

The spuds who made it all happen:

Chenise Puchailo - The Instigator

Chenise lives in the Canadian prairies, making her home in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with her partner, loyal canine, and an overwhelming bucket of dreams. As an aspiring author turned publisher, she is passionate about creating a publishing experience that benefits and speaks to other aspiring writers.

Jenny Kong - The Custodian

Haling from Vancouver, British Columbia, Jenny is the backbone and nerves of steel behind Spud Pub’s progress. She works as an animator, and brings with her a creative and artistic perspective to the team. Jenny is always looking forward to all the ways Spud Pub can grow and create opportunity for both artists and writers.

Irish Williams - The Anxious One

Coming along for the ride, and gladly shouldering much of the practical work, Irish is the motor that keeps our progress rolling. Also residing in Vancouver, British Columbia, she keeps her nose to the ground, seeking opportunity and partnerships with local businesses and artists. Being talented in both writing, and art, Irish often bridges the gap of the mediums and experiences.